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Food Applications of Locust bean gum

Locust bean gum has multiple applications in food industry.  Let us focus on a few of the important ones:

  • Locust bean gum has been used as a basic ice cream stabilizer. The addition of carrageenan with locust bean gum results in homogenous ice cream mix dispersions. It specifically retards ice crystal growth by forming structured gel at solid/liquid interface
  • Cream cheese and similar products are major outlet for locust bean gum. Besides controlling moisture in the end product, a unique texture effect is realized from the use of locust bean gum.
  • Locust bean gum is used as an ingredient in specialty products such as salami, sausage and bologna. Due to the viscosity imparted by the gum, extrusion and stuffing is facilitated. The water retention property of the gum reduces finished product weight loss during storage.
  • Bread flour supplemented with locust bean gum produces dough with constant properties and enhanced water-binding characteristics. Moreover, yields are improved and the baked products remain soft and palatable for a longer time.
  • Syneresis-resistant dessert gels have been prepared from locust bean gum, potassium and calcium-sensitive carrageenans. In this, long storage times at accelerated temperatures resulted in a minimum of syneresis.


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