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Explain the Criteria for Assessment of Folate Status

Red cell folate, continues to be used as an important index of folate status. It is suggested that adequate folate status is reflected in a red cell folate level of greater than 150 mgL. Indicators of haematologic status such as raised mean colpuscular volume, hypersegmentation of neutrophils, and, eventually, the first stages of anaemia also remain important indicators of reduced folate status.

More recently, the biomarker plasma homocysteine has been identified as a very sensitive indicator of folate status and is added to the list of possible indicators of folate adequacy. Any elevation in plasma homocysteine, even at levels where overt folate deficiency is not an issue, may be undesirable because it is a risk factor for chronic disease. This new information requires the consideration of a folate intake that would reduce plasma homocysteine to a minimum level of less than 7.0 mmol /L. Before we end our study on folate, let us quickly review the interaction of folate with other nutrients.

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