Explain the concept of menu planning, Biology

Explain the Concept of Menu Planning?

You have learnt from the previous units that our body's many functions, be it physical activity, mental exercise, growth (in the case of children) or convalescence after an illness, require various nutrients delivered by an array of foods that we eat. We have also seen that the nutrients work in a perfect harmony, much like the keys of a piano; one key not reaching the perfect pitch could mean a discordant note! For example, bone formation requires, besides calcium (Ca), phosphorus (P) and vitamin D also in specific amounts-a lack of any one would mean improper bone formation-indicating that a perfect symphony of all the nutrients is required to ensure a good health.

We have also learnt that factors such as age, gender, physique, physiologic conditions and the level of physical activity influence the requirements for various nutrients. Apart from these, climatic conditions, growth and pathological stress also influence the need for the various nutrients. It is not enough if we, as dieticians, have just in- depth knowledge of the nutrients and the nutritive value of foodstuffs. We must be able to apply this knowledge to plan and also quickly calculate the nutritive value of the menus for various conditions served to the people under your care with the help of a simple device known as an 'exchange list'. In this unit, we will learn about the exchange list and the rationale for menu planning. What is menu planning? Why do we need to plan menus? What factors should be considered while planning menus? What are the steps involved in it? These are a few issues highlighted in this unit, finally, we shall learn about menu planning for adults with respect to their nutrient needs. With women playing important role in providing nutritious meals both at home and in the healthcare units, it is desirable that we have a basic awareness of the scenario of health and nutrition situation of women at various levels, this is the other important aspect covered in this unit.

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