Explain physical inventory-taking technique, Operation Management

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Question 1 Shortage costs are precise and easy to measure.

Question 2 Savings from reduced inventory results in increased profit.

Question 3 Using the probability approach we assume that the demand over a period of time is normally distributed.

Question 4 One of the daily, delicate balancing acts that Logistics managers have to perform involves the trade-off between customer satisfaction and cost to serve.

Question 5 Cycle counting is a physical inventory-taking technique in which inventory is counted on a frequent basis rather than once or twice a year.

Question 6 The fixed-order quantity inventory model favors less expensive items because average inventory is lower.

Question 7 Computer inventory systems are often programmed to produce a cycle count notice in which of the following case? A. When the record shows a near maximum balance on hand B. When the record shows positive balance but a backorder was written C. When quality problems have been discovered with the item D. When the item has become obsolete E. When the item has been misplaced in the stockroom .

Question 8 Which of the following is the set of all cost components that make up the fixed-order quantity total annual cost (TC) function? A. Annual purchasing cost, annual ordering cost, fixed cost B. Annual purchasing cost, annual ordering cost, fixed cost C. Annual holding cost, annual ordering cost, annual purchasing cost D. Annual lead time cost, annual holding cost, annual purchasing cost E. Annual unit cost, annual set up cost, annual purchasing cost

Question 9 The Pareto principle is best applied to which of the following inventory systems? A. EOQ B. Fixed-time period C. ABC classification D. Fixed-order quantity E. Single-period ordering system

Question 10 Using the fixed-time period inventory model, and given an average daily demand of 15 units, 3 days between inventory reviews, 1 day for lead time, 30 units of inventory on hand, a service probability of 98 percent, and a standard deviation of daily demand is 3 units, which of the following is the order quantity? A. About 30.4 B. About 36.3 C. About 42.3 D. About 56.8 E. About 59.8

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