Explain different type of testing tools, Software Engineering

Q. Explain different type of testing tools?

(a) Test Case Generators: These tools produce test cases from SRS program or test design languages. They utilize certain rules called test design techniques to generate rest cases.

(b) Capture/ Playback as well as Test harness tools: These tools automate the re operation of manual test by recording and replaying the test scripts. The recorded test scripts can as well be edited as per need. They is able to be either intrusive or non intrusive type. Intrusive tools together with software under test reside on the same machine.

(c) Coverage Analysis Tools: These tools making sure that the software is tested and helps the tester to find the parts which are not covered.

(d) Test Comparators: These tools evaluate the results of software under test with the expected results and generate the report.

(e) Memory Testing Tools: These tools are utilized to test memory related problems. Such as utilizing uninitialized memory location, accessing memory locations which are out of range etc.

(f) Simulators: These tools are utilized to simulate the hardware/ software with which software under test is going to interact.

(g) Test database: It is a example of database which is being manipulated by software under test.

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