Explain challenges inherent in maintaining both individual, Operation Management

Please show your work: APA Citation and Reference Materials and Please provide a project example for both the question. 1) You are the civil engineering foreman in charge of a 24-person group whose charter is to erect 3,000 tents for refugees who lost their homes in an earthquake. You have 10 days to accomplish erecting the tents. Based on the team member resumes you received, you selected four people (two men, two women) to be team chiefs of six-person details (4 X 6 = 24 group members). The first one is Mary; she is an extrovert (ESTJ). The second is Joe, and he is a sensing data gatherer (ISTP). The third is Amy, and she is a thinker versus a feeling-type (INTJ). Finally, Ted is a judging versus a perceiving type of fellow (ENFJ). There are going to be some tense, tough days ahead. Your work will have to be coordinated with utilities personnel, emergency workers, fire fighters, police, care organizations, temporary housing unit's organizations, and many other people and groups. Many stakeholders are involved. Given the scenario above, tell how you will communicate with each team leader when delivering complex information in a stressful situation. Propose effective communication techniques for the different personality types. Use relevant research to back up your points. 2) What are some of the challenges inherent in maintaining both individual and team identity?

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