Explain basic concepts of parallel lines, Mathematics

Explain Basic Concepts of Parallel Lines ?

Parallel lines are defined in section 1.2 and we use "//" to denote it. From the definition, we can get the following two consequences by observation.

1. Parts (segments or rays) of parallel lines are parallel.

2270_Parallel Lines.png

2. Extensions of parallel segments or rays are parallel.

2422_Parallel Lines 1.png

Definition 1

A transversal is a line that intersects two coplanar lines at two distinct points. The region between the two lines is the interior of the figure. The rest of the plane is the exterior.

2255_Parallel Lines 3.png

Example 1

In this figure, which line is an transversal, which region is interior and which one is exterior?
Answer Line n is a transversal regious a, c, e, and f are exterior regions b and d are interior

Definition 2

The distance between two parallel lines is the distance from any point on one line to the other line.

262_parallel lines 4.png

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