Example of linear in - equation - linear algebra, Mathematics

Explain some Examples of linear in - Equation, with solution.

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try this it will definately help you, in understanding the linear in - equation..

Solve the given:

i. 7 - 2x > - 11 ;

ii. -5x + 4 ≤ 2x - 10 ;

iii. -3 ≤ 2x + 1 < 7 ;


i. 7 - 2x > -11

-(2x) > -18 (by using subtraction rule)

-(2x)/-2 < -18/-2 (by using division rule)

X < 9

ii. -(5x) + 4 < 2x -10

-(7x) + 4 < -10      (by using subtraction rule)

-(7x) < -14            (by using subtraction rule)

X > 2                     (by using division rule)

iii. -3 < 2x + 1 < 7

-4 < 2x < 6             (by using subtraction rule)

-2x < x < 3             (by using division rule)

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