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(a) You have decided to buy a new laser printer for your office. Write a short summary of the processes/activities that you must undertake to gather information about printer capabilities and features so that others who plan to undertake a similar task can use your information.

(b) You are a consultant to a firm that wants to establish an electronic commerce presence selling videos to consumers. You believe that after-sale service and support will be an important way in which this firm can differentiate itself from other firms in this business. You have decided that the online book industry is a good model for the video business, and you want to adapt business processes and practices from the after-sale service and support activities of that industry's value chain for your client. Identify three electronic commerce business processes that one or more of these booksellers use and that you feel would work for your clients. Explain how you would adapt each process to meet the needs of the video retailing business.

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