Employer''s fica tax rate for 2012, Basic Statistics

Employer's FICA tax rate for 2012

The employer's FICA tax amount for 2012 involves 1) the Public Protection tax amount of 6.2% of each individual's first $110,100 of income, incomes, etc., and 2) the Medical health insurance tax of 1.45% of each individual's complete income, incomes, etc. In other terms, the employer's FICA tax amount for 2012 is 7.65% of each individual's first $110,100 of income, incomes, etc. and then 1.45% of each individual's income, incomes, etc. that are above $110,100.

In inclusion to the employer's FICA tax, there is also an individual's FICA tax. However, the individual's Public Protection tax amount was decreased by two amount factors for the decades 2012 and 2011.

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