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Make an instruction execution feasible, Q. Make an instruction execution fe...

Q. Make an instruction execution feasible? What are the functions that a control unit performs to make an instruction execution feasible? Instruction execution is achieved by e

Explain wait for graph-resource request and allocation graph, Explain Wait ...

Explain Wait for graph (WFG) with Resource request and allocation graph (RRAG). WFG with RRAG: A graph G = (V,E) is termed as bipartite if V can be decomposed in two

What are the steps to design algorithm, What are the steps to design algori...

What are the steps to design algorithm? Formulate algorithm for each operation. Analysis specification tells what the operation does. The algorithm shows how it is done. The st

Concurrently read concurrently write, Q. Concurrently read concurrently wri...

Q. Concurrently read concurrently write? It is one of the models derived from PRAM. In this model the processors access the memory locations simultaneously for reading and writ

Complexity of sequential search, Specified the average case complexity of s...

Specified the average case complexity of sequential search in an array of unsorted elements of size n if the following conditions hold: a)  Probability of the key to be in the a

What are prefetch instructions, What are prefetch instructions? Prefetc...

What are prefetch instructions? Prefetch instructions are those instructions which can be inserted into a program either by the programmer or by the compiler.

Explain call completion rate in telephone traffic, With reference to teleph...

With reference to telephone traffic, explain the terms CCR. CCR: Call completion rate is explained as the ratio of the number of successful calls to the number of call attemp

Define the concept of encapsulation of OOA, Encapsulation of OOA Encap...

Encapsulation of OOA Encapsulation separates the interface of an abstraction from its implementation. By taking the above example i.e. of a car, we can now categorize them as:

Show the ranges of port numbers, Q. Show the ranges of Port numbers? P...

Q. Show the ranges of Port numbers? Port numbers are divided into three ranges: Well-known ports are those from 0 through 1,023. Registered ports are those from

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