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What is tetrapoda

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Name term for white blood cells producing immunoglobulins, Which of the bel...

Which of the below is a term for mononuclear, granulocytic white blood cells which produce immunoglobulins? a) Platelets b) Lymphocytes c) Erythrocytes (pron: eh-rith-reh

Explain the absorption, Explain the Absorption, Storage and Elimination of ...

Explain the Absorption, Storage and Elimination of Folate? Folic acid is readily absorbed from the small intestines through the portal vein and  passed onto the tissues throug

Vitamin d, defitionce of vitamin d

defitionce of vitamin d

Explain the primary and secondary air pollutants, Explain the Primary and S...

Explain the Primary and Secondary air Pollutants a. Primary pollutants -emitted directly  Particulate matter ( Sulfur dioxide (SO 2 ) Nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 )

Biochemistry, help me in writing assignment on racemization,mutarotation.

help me in writing assignment on racemization,mutarotation.

Explain the process of biosynthetic phase, Describe the process of biosynth...

Describe the process of biosynthetic phase of photosynthesis occurring in the chloroplast. Explain the process of development of root nodules in a leguminous plant. Name the ox

What is iodoacetate inhibitor, What is Iodoacetate inhibitor Iodoacetat...

What is Iodoacetate inhibitor Iodoacetate is the inhibitor of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate  dehydrogenase.

Managing diarrhoea in children, Q. Managing diarrhoea in children? Mana...

Q. Managing diarrhoea in children? Managing diarrhoea in children is of great concern. The guidelines for the same are as follows: 1. The first objective is to rehydrate the

Acellular and cellular organisms, Acellular and Cellular Organisms you...

Acellular and Cellular Organisms you should be able to characterise living and non- living matter. However, the boundary-line between the two is not very precise. As you have

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