DEVELOP A COMPUTER PROGRAM, Mechanical Engineering

Develop a computer program that can be used for internal flow analysis in SI units. The program should
be able to:
? Get the required input data from the user
? Decide the flow type (laminar, turbulent or transient)
? Calculate the friction factor, f using the corresponding correlations (for laminar flow f=64/Re, for
turbulent and transient it can use either Colebrook or Haaland Equation)
? Find the major and minor head losses and total pressure drop in the flow system
? Print and plot all the results
Explain how your code works by adding comments on each step and provide a nomenclature. Also show
your computer code is actually working by applying it to the following problems (can be from your text
book or the hws)
? A laminar flow case
? A turbulent flow case (should also include minor losses)
Plot a sample Moody Chart using your code and compare it with the one in your textbook A-12.
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