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Close to 12.2 billion metric tons of ethylene glycol (EG) were produced in 2000, which ranked it the twenty-sixth most produced chemical in the nation that year on a total mass basis.  About one-half of the ethylene glycol is used for antifreeze, while the other half is used in the manufacture of polyesters.           

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It is desired to produce 200 million pounds per year of EG by the reaction shown below.  A solution containing water and ethylene oxide (EO) is fed to a 150m3 reactor at a rate of 10m3/min.  The reaction rate is described by r=kCEO where k is 0.311 min-1

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a. Determine the conversion of EO for a CSTR.

b. Determine the conversion of EO in a 150m3 batch reactor after 15 minutes and compare your answer to part a and b. 

c. Non-dimensionalize the balance equation for the CSTR to show that the important dimensionless number (named the Damkohler number) is kV/ν0 for a first order irreversible reaction with no volume change.  What is the Damkohler number for an nth order irreversible reaction with no volume change where r=kCAn?

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