Determine the capacitance length of a pcb embedded stripline, Electrical Engineering

1. Determine the capacitance length of a PCB embedded stripline, assuming no fringing of the electrostatic field.
2. Determine the capacitance/unit length of the same embedded stripline using field plotting software (Femlab).
3. Compare the results of 1 and 2 above and account for any differences.
4. Compare the microstrip line with the embedded stripline from the point of view of both signal integrity and EMC

The strip line, which is made from copper and embedded in FR4, is shown in Fig A1_1.

79_Determine the capacitance length of a PCB embedded stripline.png

Figure A1_1 The Embedded Stripline

You are expected to decide the dimensions of signal return planes.You must also find the value of the relative permittivity of FR4, and decide your own model setup for the problem solution in Femlab.

You may research the stripline as you feel is appropriate.

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