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How to design a Helical Spring?

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Mash stitch welding, Mash stitch welding An overlap of about 1.15 mm is...

Mash stitch welding An overlap of about 1.15 mm is kept and then the plates are squeezed flash by application of pressure at hot condition.  Mash stitch welding is used in the

Point and path function - thermodynamics, Point and Path Function - Thermod...

Point and Path Function - Thermodynamics: Poin t Function A point function is single valued function which always possesses a single - value is all states. For instance

Mr, I need rewording

I need rewording

Essence of second law - thermodynamics, Essence of Second Law: Sol: ...

Essence of Second Law: Sol: First law deals with conservation and conversion of energy. But it fails to state the conditions under which the energy conversion are possible.

Mass flow rate - thermodynamics, Mas s Flow Rate (m ): In absence of ...

Mas s Flow Rate (m ): In absence of any mass getting stored system we can write; Mass flow rate at inlet = Mass flow rate at outlet That is, m f1  = m f2 as m f  = d

Significance of damping coefficient, Physical significance of damping coeff...

Physical significance of damping coefficient and it''s unit.

Kinematics in one and two dimensions , A person climbs up a escalator in 60...

A person climbs up a escalator in 60s . When he stands on it , then he is carried in the moving escalator in 30s . How much time will he take in climbing up in a moving escalator?

Pressure - thermodynamics, Pressure - Thermodynamics: While working in...

Pressure - Thermodynamics: While working in the system, thermodynamic medium exerts a force on boundaries of vessel in which it is kept. The vessel may be a container, or an e

Explain concept of tapping of radial drilling machine, Explain concept of T...

Explain concept of Tapping of radial drilling machine Tapping:- Tapping is the method by which internal threads are produced. It is performed either by hand or by machine.

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