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Q. Design Loads and Load Combinations?

The Designer shall determine the following loads and specify them on the Data Sheet. Design loads are defined and classified as follows:

Dead Load (L1)

Dead Load is the installed weight of the vessel including internals, catalyst or packing, refractory lining, platforms, insulation, piping, and other permanent attachments.

Operating Live Load (L2)

This is the weight of the liquid at the maximum operating level, including that on trays.

Pressure Load (L3)

The MAWP (internal or external at the coincident temperature) load, including the pressure drop through the vessel. For vessels with more than one independent chamber, see Section VIII, Par. UG-19(a).

Thermal Load (L4)

Thermal Loads are the loads caused by the restraint of thermal expansion/interaction of the vessel and/or its supports.

Test Load (L5)

Test load is the weight of the test medium, usually water. Design basis shall consider that the vessel will be tested in its normal operation position.

Wind Load (L6)

Wind load shall be determined, in accordance with ASCE 7, UBC, NBC, or the applicable local code. See paragraph 3.8.

Seismic Load (L7)

Seismic load shall be determined, in accordance with ASCE 7, UBC, NBC, or the applicable local code. See paragraph 3.9.

Piping and Superimposed Equipment Loads (L8)

Loads caused by piping, other than the dead load in Section 5.10.1, and those caused by superimposed equipment, shall be considered as applicable.

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