Describe adding and subtracting fractions in details, Mathematics

Describe Adding and Subtracting Fractions in details?

To add or subtract fractions, here are some steps:

1. Find the lowest common denominator (LCD) or any common denominator of the fractions.
2. Convert the fractions to equivalent fractions having the LCD or the common denominator.
3. Add or subtract the numerators, keeping the denominator the same.


2/3 +1/5

The LCD of 3 and 5 is 15.

Change the fractions so that each has 15 as the denominator. Remember, you have to multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same number, so that you don't change the value of the fraction.

2/3 = 2x5/3x5 = 10/15
1/5 = (1x3/5x3) = 3/15
Add the numerators, but keep the denominator the same.
2/3 + 1/5 = 10/15 + 3/15 = 12/15

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