Define the theory ‘y’ in human relations, Business Management

Define the Theory ‘Y’ in human relations.

Theory ‘Y’:

It is a positive approach to human relations wherein a supervisor integrates the requirements of his subordinates along with the requirements of Department. This emphasises on satisfying the requirements so that the workers willingly commit to the objectives of the organisation. The assumptions are as given below:

1. Average human being does not hate work; specified meaningful work, he will try hard to attain.

2. Work is as natural to him like play or rest.

3. External threats and punishments are not the only implies.

4. Satisfied persons will themselves exert self-control into seeking to achieve organisational objectives.

5. Average man learns, under appropriate conditions not only to admit but also to seek responsibility.

6. Commitment to organisational objectives depends on rewards related with his self attainment.

7. The capacity to use a relatively high degree of creativity, ingenuity and imaginations and solution of organisational problems is extensively distributed in between people.

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