Define the nutritional assessment methods, Biology

Define the Nutritional assessment methods?

Nutritional assessment methods commonly used are enumerated herewith.

1. Bodyweight measurements remain to be the most practical and cost effective parameter. Rapid weight loss such as 2% in one week or up to 10% in 6 months is considered significant and BMI calculation is useful for comparison since skin fold measurements are not effective due to skin turgor changes.

2. Physical Examination: Based on the physical examination such as presence of oedema and vitamin deficiency symptoms, diagnosis can be made.

3. Biochemistry: Hypoalbuminemia is not considered to be an index of under nutrition, but it is of importance to identify the high risk subset of older persons requiring nutritional intervention. Levels less than 3 g/dl needs caution and intervention

4. Haematology: A lower total lymphocyte count (TLC) is also helpful in 'stratification of severity of under nutrition. If levels are less than 4500, it is associated with decrease immune function and malnutrition.

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