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Question 1:

(a) Define Business Process Benchmarking and explain why it is used in a company.

(b) Describe four types or forms of Benchmarking methods. Give one advantage of each type of method.

(c) What are the steps involved in benchmarking? Describe in each step, what activities are done at each step?

Question 2:

(a) Expand the acronym SWOT and state the usefulness of a SWOT analysis tool in businesses and organisations.

(b) Electronic Cigarette is a battery-powered device that is an alternative to smoked tobacco products. It gives the same physical sensation of inhaled tobacco smoke. A new company selling "electronic cigarettes" wants to operate in Mauritius. Use the SWOT analysis to assess this new company's position on the Mauritian market. Give three items under each of the four sections.

(c) Give two advantages and two limitations of using SWOT analysis as a tool.

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