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Develop a database broker framework to implement a persistence mechanism for the domain objects involved in the use case dealt with in Question 2. 

a. Specify the attribute types, visibility, and operation signatures for the most complex domain object involved in Question 2. (Hint: consider ALL use cases in which the domain object class participates.)

b. Map the information required by the chosen domain object class onto a set of relational database tables in third normal form. Specify the table design. 

c. For all the associations that exist for the chosen domain object class, discuss how referential integrity can be maintained.

d. Design ‘persistence layer' classes to support interaction between the object oriented case study application and a relational database.

i. Specify the attributes and operations for these persistence layer classes.

ii. Modify the sequence diagram you developed for Part B to show interactions with the classes of the persistence layer. Also show interactions between the persistence layer and the database.

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