Current relations in common emitter configuration, Electrical Engineering

Q. What are the Current relations in common emitter configuration?

In a CB configuration Ie is the input current and Ic is the output current. These currents are relayed through the equations given below



In CE configuration, Ib becomes the input current and the Ic is the output current. We are interested in knowing how the output Ic is related with the input current Ib. That is, we should find a relation such as

Ic = f(Ib)

To obtain the relation, we simply substitute the expression  of  Ie  from the equations given earlier,so that

Ic = IDc(Ic+Ib) + Icbo




Ic = (Idc/(1-Idc))Ib+(1/(1-Idc))Icbo

In thjis equation,Ic is given in terms of Ib. The equations can be simplified somewhat by defining

? Idc/(1-Idc)



thus equation becomes


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