Compute the angular velocity of the wheel, Mechanical Engineering

Compute the angular velocity of the wheel:

A wheel of 0.5 m radius rolls over a horizontal surface without slipping as illustrated in Figure (a). The velocity of its centre is 2 m/sec and is constant. Compute the angular velocity of the wheel and velocities at C, D and E.


As the wheel rolls on the ground and does not slip or slide on the ground, the velocity of the point of contact of wheel with ground is same but the velocity of ground should be equal to zero.

∴          we get vB  = 0

Now consider the wheel as the rigid body and the body rotating about an axis through the pole A and B is the point on the rim of the wheel.

Considering this motion as a plane motion, we have

v B  = v A  + v AB  = 0

∴ v A  = - v AB

 = - A B . ωi acting at right angles to BA in the opposite direction of vA

∴  v A /AB  = ω = 2 /0.5= 4 rad / sec. (numerically)

Now, refer Figure (b)

 vC  = v A  + v AC

2048_Compute the angular velocity of the wheel.png

= 2.82 m / sec


θ = 45o

Likewise, refer Figure (c)

v D  = v A  + v AD

2048_Compute the angular velocity of the wheel.png

  = 4 m / sec

θ = 0o

and vE  = 2.82 m / sec

θ = 45o

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