Classification of internal combustion models of engine, Mechanical Engineering


1.     In accordance to number of strokes per cycle:

(a) Two stroke          (b) Four stroke.

2.     In accordance to the fuel being used:

(a)  Petrol Engine (b) Diesel Engine                    (c)   Gas engine                      (d)   Dual fuel engines

(e)  Liquefied Petroleum Gas Engines.

3.     In accordance to working cycles :

(a)  Otto Cycle (Constant volume)

(b)  Diesel Cycle (Constant pressure)                 (c)   Dual Cycle

4.     In accordance to number of cylinder: (a) Single Cylinder engine

(b)  Multi cylinder

5.     In accordance to the type of Cooling: (a) Air cooled engine

(b)  Water cooled engine

6.     In accordance to the engine Rotation per minute:
(a) slow speed   (< 1000 rpm)

(b) Medium Speed (1000 - 3000 rpm) (c) High Speed (> 3000 rpm)

7.     In accordance of cylinder:

(a) Radial Engine   (b) Inline engine                  (c) V engine

8.     In accordance to the type of ignition system:

(a) Spark ignition   (b) Compression ignition


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