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a) Suppose a web client makes a request for a resource located on an internal web server using on a 10Mbps Ethernet LAN. The client and the server are connected via a store-N-forward switch as shown below. Assume that data travels over the media at around 2X108 m/s and a maximum Ethernet II frame size of 1518 bytes.

1673_Calculate the total time.png

Calculate the total time that elapses from when the request is made and the resource is fully displayed on the web client.

(Assume that request/response and TCP control messages are of negligible size; ignore application layer overhead; switching time is 50 µs; web server average processing delay is 100 ms; web client processing delay is about 100 ms per 1024 bytes of frame data; the resource is a small graphic file of 9182 bytes)

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