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Calculate for spring amount of load carried:

The table below gives specific of a compound spring consisting of two co-axial close-coiled springs. If the spring is subjected to an axial load of 450 N, calculate for each spring

a. the change in length,

b. the amount of load carried, and

c. the maximum shearing stress.

Take G = 80 × 103 N/mm2.

387_Calculate for spring amount of load carried.png


The free length of outer spring is more than the inner spring by (100 - 80) = 20 mm. Load carried through the outer spring for a deflection of 20 mm is specified by,

Δ= 64 W R3 n / Gd 4

⇒ 20 =     64 × W × 253 × 10 / (80 × 103 × 54)

∴ W1  = 100 N

Now the springs are in parallel. Load to be shared by the two springs

= 450 - 100 = 350 N

Δ= 64 W R3 n / Gd 4

2069_Calculate for spring amount of load carried1.png----------(1)

1435_Calculate for spring amount of load carried2.png

     2397_Calculate for spring amount of load carried3.png  ---------(2)

377_Calculate for spring amount of load carried4.png

⇒         5 Δ + 11.9 Δ= 350

∴          Δ= 20.7 mm

Change in length, Δ= 20.7 mm

1219_Calculate for spring amount of load carried5.png

Load taken by outer spring = 203.5 N.

Load taken by inner spring = 246.5 N.

τ max  =   16 W R  / π d 3

τmax is outer spring =   16 × 203.5 × 25/( π× 53) = 207.3 N/mm

τmax in inner spring =16 × 246.5 × 15/( π× 43) = 294.2 N/mm

∴ Maximum shearing stress = 294.2 N/mm2 (inner spring).

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