C program to show overloading of matrix operator, C/C++ Programming

C program to show overloading of matrix operator:

Write a program for matrix operator overloading.

class matrix{


                private :

                int x[2][2];



                void show();


                matrix operator + (matrix);

                matrix(int a,int b,int c,int d);//consructor


                matrix() //default constructor


                for (int i= 0;i<2;i++)

                for(int j=0;j<2;j++)







                 void matrix ::show()


                 for (int i= 0;i<2;i++)

                                for(int j=0;j<2;j++)

                                                 cout <<"\n"<



                  matrix:: matrix (int a,int b,int c,int d)//constructor definition










                 matrix   matrix :: operator +(matrix b)


                    matrix c;

                    for (int i= 0;i<2;i++)

                                for(int j=0;j<2;j++)

                                    c.x[i][j]=x[i][j] + b.x[i][j];

                     return c;



       void main()


                  matrix a,b,c;



                  c=a+b; //c=a.operator + (b);

                                 //here b is the argument passed to the memeber function

                                 //where a is the invoking object of the operator + function

                                 //whereas in friend function a anb b are treated as





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