Bottleneck for each product, Mathematics

 A company makes 2 products, Product A and Product B. The product characteristics are shown in the following table.




Price ($/unit)



Cost of materials ($/unit)



Cost of labor ($/unit)



Market demand per week (units)




The products are fabricated and assembled in four different workstations (W, X, Y, Z). Every workstation is available for 60 hours a week and there is no setup time required when shifting from the production of 1 product to any other. The processing requirements to make one unit of every product are shown in the table.

Processing time (min/unit)


Product A

Product B














a)      Using the traditional method, which refers to maximizing the contribution margin per unit for every product, what is the optimal product mix and resulting profit?

b)      Using the bottleneck method, which refers to maximizing the contribution margin per minute at the bottleneck for every product, what is the optimal product mix and resulting profit?


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