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  We are use to using variables within C without thinking about where they are stored. Most variables are dynamic i.e. can change, therefore they are stored in Ram, unlike a program once developed is static i.e. doesn't change; this is often storage in EPROM or Rom. We can directly access the address where the variable is stored by means of the address operator '&' .This returns the address of the variable followed i.e.

printf("The address of var A is %lx and the contents of var A is %x",&a,a) 
This address is often fixed by the compiler and cannot be altered easily, very often we want initialize the address of a variable and vary it, C uses the concept of the pointer to handle this. A pointer is a variable which holds an address (This is in fact an address register on the 68Hc11 i.e. X, Y). We can explicitly load up the variable with any number (address which we like) and perform simple mathematical functions on it i.e. add, mul, sub etc. In order to declare the variable as a pointer we need to prefix it with a * in its declarations i.e.

      int *point;  
      char *point; 
      float *point;

The type of pointer  used describes the size of the data to be read  i.e. a char pointer reads 7 bits of data , unsigned char 8 bits i.e. (some programmers use sizeof function to get actual machine size).

    char * point  == 7 bits
     unsigned char * point  == 8 bits
     int * point  == 15 bits
     unsigned int  * point  == 16 bits
     float * point  == 31 bits
     unsigned float  * point  == 32 bits

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