Write the definition of a class counter containing

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Write the definition of a class Counter containing: An instance variable named counter of type int An instance variable named limit of type int . A constructor that takes two int arguments and assigns the first one to counter and the second one to limit A method named increment . It does not take parameters or return a value ; if the instance variable counter is less than limit , increment just adds one to the instance variable counter . A method named decrement . It also does not take parameters or return a value ; if counter is greater than zero, it just subtracts one from the counter . A method named getValue that returns the value of the instance variable counter .

Reference no: EM13219743

Write a program for line clliping

Write a program for line clliping. Take co-ordinate of 2 point as input and also take 4 co-ordinates of window. It should clip the line outside the window. Dont use built in

How would this ip address be expressed

How many possible hosts would there be on the above network if all usable addresses were assigned (show your work)? d. How would this IP address be expressed using CIDR nota

Create a website registration form to obtain

Create a website registration form to obtain a user's first name, last name, and email address. In addition, include an optional survey question that asks the user's year in

Convert the logical design to a physical design

An art dealer wants you to design a database. He will sell one art item to a customer in a single deal. Design a database: List Entities, present logical design, and convert

Create an html5document

Create an HTML5document that contains links to 5 daily deal sites (like Groupon or Living Social) The page should contain the heading "My Favorite Daily Deals Web Sites." Sh

Write a proof that uses this approach

An alternative proof of the irrationality of square root of 2 counts the number of 2's on the two sides of the equation 2n^2 = m^2 and uses the unique factorization of integ

What ip range would an isp provide to a customer

Using the IP ranges below: a) What IP range would an ISP provide to a customer, if the customer wanted a range of Public IP's for use on theInternet? Explain your choice and

Write a unix command to display

Write a Unix command to display, byte by byte, the contents of the file named datafile. Make sure that for each byte the character and its numerical representation are displ


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