Write persuasive essay on diversity at the workplace

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6 pages, not including title and reference pages.
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For this assignment, you must compose a persuasive essay by making a case on a controversial topic, problem, issue, or question. The chosen topic is "diversity at the workplace", the paper cannot be pro/con, but you need to take a position on a debate and argue one side, "why is diversity beneficial".

Your essay must:

Include a thesis statement in your introduction.

Consist of body paragraphs that include a topic sentence, and clear details that support your description.

Address your topic using critical thinking skills.

Include one quotation, paraphrase and use of a summary in your paper.

Include a concluding paragraph that synthesizes your main points.

Incorporate instructor and peer feedback.


Include three credible, peer-reviewed sources properly cited in APA format.

Your paper should be 6 pages in length not counting the required title and reference pages.

Reference no: EM13927054

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