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Write Assignment in 500 words.

Here are the essay options please respond to one of these:

Define and describe the differences between the Holoplankton and the Meroplankton portions of the zooplankton.

Be sure to discuss differences in size, life cycle and cite at least two biological species from each group.

You may wish to read the article underneath for additional background.
NOTE: This one gets a bit confusing so here's some help: Plankton are classified in 2 ways, by physical size(pico, micro, mero) and by biological group. So answer this by citing the biological groups with biological group.

OR (2) in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy there is a great deal of controversy about how of even if the New Jersey shore-front communities should be rebuilt.

If you were head of the N.J. State Reconstruction Commission what requirements would you place upon property owners and contractors to rebuild structures? Be very specific in terms of sight locations (what should the set-back from the ocean be), specific building-code criteria to mitigate future storm damage and other environmental or site factors such as dune stabilization methods, etc. that could be incorporated to make the reconstructed communities more resistant to future storm damage.

 Also perhaps compare Florida's response to hurricane damage with New Jersey.

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