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ESSAY TOPIC : Dialogue in the Constructivist Science Classroom

Science teaching should accommodate the different learning styles of students. Science teachers must use various techniques to convince their students to engage in curiosity and creativity that enhances the acquisition for learning and knowledge building of science content and skills.

Dialogue is an excellent example of a pedagogical approach that is able to accommodate the needs of science teaching and learning.

In light of this, discuss how dialogue contributes to a constructivist science classroom.

Choose any two of the following topics:

[1] Dialogue in science teaching and learning

[2] Dialogue and constructivist teaching

[3] Facilitating and participating in dialogue

[4] Power relationships in dialogue practice

** Review the article: Dialogue in the graduate management classroom: Learning from Diversity (Bigelow, Elsass & Arndt, 2015) to enhance your understanding of the assignment The discussion must cover the following and substantiated with relevant literature support.

Reference no: EM13833761

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