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English discussion and response

"The Informative Essay"

Let's use this space as a brainstorming platform for our second essay. Please respond to the following:

Using the same category and topic you used for The Personal Essay, brainstorm the problem, need, or process in question.

Explain whether you will use the First Person Point of View ("I") or Third Person Point of View ("he/she/they") for this essay and WHY. Explain why to avoid the Second Person ("you").

The Topic is Security Management

This is a discussion from student that needs to be responded to:

Rosalynd Doyle

RE: Discussion


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The topic that I chose to use throughout this course is childcare because Childcare is imperative to my life as a single working mom, I know that for that is as well for many traditional families. And as a new mom going back to work and looking for a daycare I had no idea what I was doing I was reading the state information, and the different level ratings in my state and I might as well have been trying to read Chinese. So I just went with the first place I saw because my mom thought the daycare was great. turned out to be a nightmare. The daycare made my son lay down 5 out of the 8 hours he was there at over a year old. There were days when they would change his diaper all day eventually he got his first diaper rash from this place. The children were being yelled at all day. One employee smacked my son in the mouth for biting, a habit that he had been broke of for some time at that point. My son started regressing and would cry when I would drop him off, the providers would tell me that he wouldn't speak to them at all. My son is the type of kid that is so very outgoing has never met a stranger and will tell you stories all day, and though his vocabulary wasn't as advanced at one he did speak the words he "had" all the time. Then the owner took to slandering me on social media. Lucky enough a family friend worked at a daycare and the got my son in immediately. The cost of the new day care was a lot more than the old one but I had daycare assistance at the time so it lessoned the blow, however a few months later I lost that assistance due to the amount of money I made. So here was yet another hurtle. We went through another daycare change recently, but now I'm a pro. I have started trying to help other mothers find help and a provider when I can.

So with this big long story, I feel that the direction that my paper will take is one that addresses how to find childcare, how to detect issues when visiting a childcare, and how childcare facilities are rated, and where to get assistance for the cost of childcare. This of course will be in relation to my specific state. Due to the fact that childcare laws, practices, and assistance are all state specific.

Can you do this in the next 30 minutes . I had 3 people on this site that said they were going to do it and never did please respond only if you do A+ work and can complete task.

Reference no: EM131044183

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