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Imagine that you have all the resources available to you to invent a technological device to do that job for you. In this scenario, you would have funding, a design team, and a means of production. Write about your invention using a standard essay format, with an introduction and additional short paragraphs, and a conclusion to address each of the elements in the directions below.

•Describe the task or service the gadget will perform.

•Give it a name.

•Explain what it looks like - color, size, and shape.

•What materials is it made of?

•How much would it cost to make this technological device?

•Would anyone besides you want to have this gadget to do the task you invented it for? Explain how you know that a market does or does not exist for this invention.

•Is there any other potential use-harmful or beneficial-for this invention?

Use the textbook or other academic resources to substantiate your ideas about the benefits and potential harm associated with your invention and to give credibility to your thoughts on its marketability.

Use at least two in-text citations to the course text or other academic reference.

The essay should be about 2-3 pages in length, plus it must have a title page and a reference page.

Reference no: EM131208358

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