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The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Links to an external site.) provides career-long training to law enforcement professionals to help them fulfill their responsibilities safely and proficiently

Write a research paper about FLETC. The total length of the paper must be at least 2,000 words (approximately 8 pages) in APA format.

Your paper must include a title page or cover sheet and reference page, which are not counted towards the minimum number of words. You must use 8 or more course-external sources and address the following in your paper:

1. Mission and History. Describe the mission and scope of the organization. Identify through a brief synopsis of the organizational history the rationale to frame the organization within the Department of Homeland Security

2. Organization. Discuss the organization using a chart or other graphical depiction. Illustrate how this subordinate organization is aligned within the Department of Homeland Security.

3. Roles and Responsibility. Discuss the various roles and responsibilities of the organization and how those roles and responsibilities support the overall Department of Homeland Security mission and objectives.

4. Workforce Overview. Distinguish facts germane to the organization to include total number of employees, training, critical or unique skills, and additional facts that provide a substantive overview of the workforce.

5. Leadership. Construct an overview of the existing leadership to include how their background and skills support their existing appointment or fail to support their existing appointment.

6. Organizational Highlights. Assess some organizational highlights that show how the organizational strategies and initiatives are effective or ineffective at carrying out their existing mission.

7. Challenges. Distinguish and describe organizational challenges, to include legal and operational, that mire their responsibilities and what the organization is performing to overcome those obstacles in the future.

8. Intelligence and Armed Forces Application. Assess how the organization interacts with the intelligence community and Armed Forces to supplement, strengthen, or perform their daily responsibilities.

FLETC - https://www.fletc.gov/

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The paper is about an organization which facilitates law enforcement officers in becoming professionals. The firm with joint collaborations, highly skilled experts and specially designed programs broadens the vision and capabilities of all the law enforcement officers . The paper, overall, highlights the strengths of the company while delivering security to the country.

Reference no: EM131263697

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