Write a report and structuring the report for the audience
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Consolidated Portfolio Assignment -

Learning Outcomes -

1. Apply Fundamental principles of system thinking to project, program and portfolio management.

2. Demonstrate use of system thinking tools and techniques to solve complex problems.

3. Discuss contemporary developments and importance of project, program and portfolio application systems.

4. Explain importance of project management application systems to enable knowledge management and decision making.

5. Explain importance of project management application systems to monitor performance and manage change the project, program and portfolio.

For each outcome - Summary: (250 words) and Evidence: (100 words).

There are many possible approaches, and it is the intention to test how well the students are at tackling the problem. In real life (as you probably know) a project manager is frequently confronted with the need to write a report and structuring the report for the audience is always a tricky thing to do.

However, a way of tackling the consolidated portfolio is to do the following: -

1. Introduction and summary of outcomes

2. Itemise each learning outcome: -

a. LO1

i. Summary

ii. Evidence

b. LO2

i. Summary

ii. Evidence

c. ... etc.

3. Discussion and Conclusion

4. References

5. Appendix of the weeks

a. Week 1

b. Week 2

c. ... etc.

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    The marking criteria can often be encapsulated into a four stage criteria: - Does the section or topic meet all of the basic learning requirements relevant of the course, such as knowledge of fundamental concepts and performance of basic skills; demonstrates sufficient quality of performance to be considered satisfactory or adequate or competent or capable in relation to the learning outcomes of the assignment? (25%) Does the section or topic reflect an ability to use and apply fundamental concepts and skills of the course, going beyond mere replication of content knowledge or skill to show understanding of key ideas, awareness of their relevance, some use of analytical skills, and some originality or insight? (50%).

  2. user image

    Does the section or topic demonstrate awareness and understanding of deeper and less obvious aspects of the course, such as ability to identify and debate critical issues or problems, ability to solve non-routine problems, ability to adapt and apply ideas to new situations, and ability to invent and evaluate new ideas? (75%) Has the section or topic been presented with imagination, originality or flair, based on proficiency in all the relevant learning outcomes of the course; work is interesting or surprisingly exciting, challenging, well read or scholarly? (100%).

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    This criterion is ADDITIVE. In other words, the last item (4) is inclusive of the previous ones (1, 2, and 3). If you feel that a student did most of 4 then you might give them 25% of the overall mark for the first criteria and then 25% of the overall mark for the second criteria and then 25% of the overall mark for the third criteria and finally 10% of the mark for the fourth criteria. So, the overall mark will be 85% overall.

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    In the course profile students are encouraged to imagine they are going before an interview panel and had been asked to show them how they could meet the job criteria (learning outcomes). So, as a prerequisite they had to prepare a paper for them. You can use a similar concept when you think of many assignments. In other words, is the assignment (1) average, (2) good, (3) excellent, (4) amazingly superb? It makes it easier to think of things that way. The words in each of the criteria is just a rational and fancy way of expressing average, good, excellent, amazingly superb!

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