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Write a recursive function line(n) to display a line with n asterisks. Then write a recursive function histogram that plots a histogram using recursive calls of the function line. The histogram is specified using the array H[ ]. E.g. if H[ ]={3,4,5,4,3} then the histogram should be the following: 3 *** 4 **** 5 ***** 4 **** 3 ***

Reference no: EM13219858

Show two possible encodings for the cards

Consider an encoding for playing cards. There are 52 cards in a deck and they are divided into four suits with values from 1 to 13 (an ace is 1, jack is 11, queen is 12, kin

Selected homes have a security system

Assume there are 19 homes in the Quail Creek area and 10 of them have a security system. Five homes are selected at random: 1) What is the probability all five of the selected

What would you expect to see in the scatterplot

Association. Suppose you were to collect data for each pair of variables. You want to make a scatterplot. Which variable would you use as the explanatory variable and which

Describe cloud computing

1. Describe Cloud Computing? 2. What are the benefits of Cloud Computing? 3. Check out Microsoft's OneDrive? If you were a small business owner, would you consider using OneD

In the k-bounded spanning tree problem

In the k-bounded spanning tree problem you are given an undirected graph G(V,E). The goal is to decide whether or not G contains a spanning tree T(V,E') such that each verte

The decision to outsource it functions

What are the critical success factors in taking the decision to outsource IT functions? Which functions, if any, can/should be outsourced? What are the risks associated with o

Can you identify any dependencies that hold over s

Suppose that we have the following three tuples in a legal instance of a relation schema S with three attributes ABC (listed in order): (1,2,3), (4,2,3), and (5,3,3).

Data quality can be assessed in terms of several issues

Data quality can be assessed in terms of several issues, including accuracy, completeness, and consistency. For each of the above three issues, discuss how data quality asse


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