Write a program to input the month and day of the birthday

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Birthday Gifts and Horoscope Signs

You are shopping for a gift to give a very special friend, you know their birthday and would like to know what their birthstone is and what their horoscope sign is. Write a program to input the Month and Day of the birthday then use case statements to output the birthstone, and month. You can use if statements for the horoscope sign. You should use a function to test the Date and be sure it is valid.


Reference no: EM13308011

Lower the pen to a piece of paper

Assume that you have created a mechanical arm that can hold a pen. The arm can perform the following tasks Lower the pen to a piece of paper Raise the pen from the paper

Application be connectionless or connection oriented

Your company is creating a new network application that allows employees to view their pay checks subs electronically via the Internet. Should this application be connect

Calculate its specific impulse

The subsequent number, such as 6, indicates average thrust (in newtons). The average thrust with total impulse indicates the length of time over which the motor releases its

Corporate budgeting in terms of paying for it

1. Define the terms allocation, chargeback and corporate budgeting in terms of paying for IT. Give a business advantage and a disadvantage of each. 2.. Briefly define TCO

Approach to exercise situational leadership

When the situation is stressed or critical, how much should a manager change in the manager's usual leadership approach to exercise situational leadership? What parts of a l

Aggregation of ip addresses

A router has just received the following new IP addresses:,,, and If all of them use the same outgoing line, can the

Wireless networks of various types

More and more traffic is being moved to wireless networks of various types. Write a 500-word paper that discusses the issues that occur when voice traffic is sent over a typ

Determine the temperature drop during this process

Refrigerant-134a is throttled from the saturated liquid state at 700 kPa to a pressure of 160 kPa. Determine the temperature drop during this process and the final specific


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