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Primary research is getting information firsthand, such as doing an experiment. Secondary research is using information uncovered by another, such as an article published in a journal.

Imagine that you and your partner have been told that you will be writing the directions for using the new mechanical duster developed by your company's R&D department. What types of primary and secondary research might you do to produce effective directions?

Submit a summary of your approaches to research to your instructor.


Write a 200- to 350-word personal code of conduct listing and discussing how you apply the principles that guide your communication as a student. Demonstrate the characteristics of good writing and revise as necessary.

Include an explanation on how intellectual property and proprietary information relates to technical writing.

Submit your assignment to your instructor as a Microsoft® Word document.


Write two 50- to 75-word product descriptions using appropriate informal report formatting that address the following scenario:

The president of your company has tasked you with researching and reviewing two different brands of the same type of product for use in her office. She would like you to draft a report that describes the two comparable products and recommend one for purchase.

Select, for this assignment, only one of the following product types:

Two types of coffeemakers

Two types of ergonomic chairs

Two types of laptop computers

Demonstrate your product research by referencing sources of information appropriately.

Reference no: EM13772405

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