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McDonald's is closing hundreds of stores this year


You will write a Change Management Position Paper. You will select a large organization, profit or nonprofit, that has recently gone through significant change. Choose an organization that you can find substantial written material documenting the change effort. Analyze the organization on the basis of the readings covered in this course and write a 5-6 page paper discussing the change effort. 

Company Going through changes: McDonalds


The paper MUST follow this outline:

1. Introduction: Describe the situation, organization, and context for the change?

2. Analysis: Analyze the approach taken by the change agent(s), and address the following:

a) the image of the type of change held by the change agent,

b) the "culture" of the setting that is changing and the role culture played in the change,

c) the extent to which the (envisioned and actual) change was first or second order vs. adaptive or transformational,

d) the method(s) for implementing change,

f) the vision for the change, and

g) how the change was communicated.

3. Overall Evaluation: Evaluate the quality of the change agent's work.

4. Recommendations: Include recommendations suggesting what steps could have been taken to increase the success of the project.

The paper will follow APA Format and Style.

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Reference no: EM13742216

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