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The IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications periodically publishes issues on computer-aided modeling and analysis of communication systems. Starting with the first issue on this topic, which was published in January 1984, locate all subsequent issues on this topic. Scan the articles in these issues and write a brief paper covering:

(a) Types of analysis and design problems addressed using simulation

(b) Evolution of various simulation techniques and methodologies over the past 15 years

(c) Evolution of simulation frameworks over the past 15 years.

Reference no: EM131298847

Theoretical frameworks - leadership theory

Theory can offer many things to the researcher. It can be used to explain phenomena, generate hypotheses and suggest additional directions for research. In turn, the results

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Based on the reading material provide or your own independent research discuss two examples of how quality management and control processes were (or should have been) integr

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You suggest that the "Products" total be weighted 40% and the other three categories totals be weighted 20% each. The buyer has returned the rankings shown in Table. -  Whic

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Using the 50-50 Rule earned value computation, what is schedule variance for the project as reported? What is the schedule performance index (SPI)? Using the 50-50 Rule earned

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ITECH 2250 IT Project Management Techniques Assignment. This assessment task relates to the following course objectives: Identify traditional and agile approaches and lifecycl

Whether a fine is constitutionally excessive calls

Whether a fine is constitutionally excessive calls for the application of a constitutional standard to the facts of a particular case, and in this context de novo review of


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