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Writing Rherotical Essay

Write a rhetorical analysis for Bernie Sanders' television advertisement: "Rigged Economy" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3hDNpg6IQc) in which you identify the strategies (i.e., logos, pathos, and ethos) or propaganda used to persuade the viewer.

Remember that the rhetorical analysis is a commentary on the effectiveness of the advertisement and not an evaluation of the candidate.

Do not mention your opinion, this is only a anyalysis.

You are to find some of these rhetorics used in the video, define and explain how they were used. You can mix them up and dont have use all of them:

• Pathos,
• Ethos,
• Logos,
• Types of propoganda

o bandwagon
o testimonial
o transfer
o glittering generalities
o plain folks
o namecalling
o card stacking

• Visual Literacy
• Types of Logical Fallacies

o Slippery Slope (domino effect)
o Hasty generalization
o Ad hominem
o Ad populum
o Red herring
o straw man
o circular argument

Needs intro, thesis, body, conlusion. More info below.

Essay has a captivating title related to the topic, subject, or rhetoric of the essay. ("Rhetorical Analysis" and "Untitled" are not acceptable titles.)

Essay has an introduction that clearly explains the topic or subject of the essay, including relevant background information and a thesis statement with a main point and sub-points.

Essay has a body that summarizes the subject or topic (one of the four essays from Rereading America or one of the two political advertisements), defines the type of rhetoric (i.e., logos, pathos, and ethos) or propaganda being used, presents examples of the rhetoric from the readings or videos in the form of direct quotations and paraphrases, and explains or interprets the examples in the context of the main point and sub-points.

Essay has a conclusion that effectively restates the thesis and sub-points and ends the discussion by making a recommendation, proposing a call to action, or reflecting on the significance of the subject or topic.

Uses correct spelling. 6 points: Uses correct grammar 6 points: Uses correct punctuation. 6 points: Uses correct capitalization. 15 points: The essay is typed, double spaced, written with a 12-point font (Times New Roman or similar), submitted to Blackboard (preferably as a Microsoft Word [.docx, .doc, .rtf] document), and formatted using MLA guidelines, including citations and a Works Cited page. Consult Pocket Keys for Writers (4th edition) for help with MLA formatting. 20 points: Essay is 1,100-1,600 words in length.

Reference no: EM131038566

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