Why you believe your article speaks to the american dream

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America Dream

Access the "American Dream Series" link in Module 2 (or here: Link (Links to an external site.)) that will take you to a series of articles in, The Atlantic magazine. Read the first article: "Why the American Dream Will Never Die" and then browse the two pages of articles on this theme and read one more article of your choosing. Your journal assignment is to identify and summarize (3-5 sentences) the article you have chosen and explain why you believe your article speaks to the American Dream (3-5 sentences). What stood out for you in the article's title, its content, etc. Also, consider, in a very preliminary manner, what material you uncover in these two articles that you believe would make for good research topics. You should aim for two well written paragraphs.

Link- http://www.theatlantic.com/projects/american-dreams/

Reference no: EM131222720

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