Which part of the process did you put the most effort into
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First Paper Across cultures, English is the word.

Second paper Persistent Rate in Arizona State University.

Third paper Impacts of Mobile Phones on Language and Literacy Skills.

Write a reflection paper on the following-

Assignment: Thinking about your experience and progress as a student, reflect on your learning process as you completed each of the three required Writing Projects. In particular, consider how your knowledge of academic writing has changed since you entered this course.

NOTE: You may use your reflection assignments from Writing Project 1 and 2 to complete part of this assignment, but be sure to add a reflection for Writing Project 3, as well. Feel free to use the questions below.

Questions for Writing Project 3:

Think back over the whole process for Writing Project 3.

• Which part of the process did you put the most effort into? Which part of the process do you wish you had spent more time on?

• What was the most difficult part of writing this paper?

• Describe in detail at least one specific revision you made and explain how it made your paper more effective.

• What was the biggest problem you encountered in writing this paper, and how successful were you in solving that problem?

• What specific improvement or revision are you most proud of?

• What new writing behavior or strategy do you feel you've developed that you intend to use in the next paper as well?

• How would you compare the experience of Writing Project 3 with your experience with Writing Project 1 and/or 2? Did you use a different process, or the same? Why?

Questions for reflecting about the semester as a whole:

Think back over the whole semester.

• How did you feel about writing upon entering the class?

• If you could write a letter to yourself on the first day of class, what would you say?

• How have your personal writing practices changed?

• How have you already used ideas from this course in other courses?

• What has been most valuable for you from this semester?

• How do you see writing playing a role in your life after this course?

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