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You have just determined the actual number of workstations that will be used on an assembly line to be 8 using the assembly-line balancing procedure. The cycle time of the line is 600 seconds and the sum of all that tasks required on the line is 60 minutes. Which of the following is the correct value for the resulting line's efficiency?

a) 0.00125


c) 0.650

d) 0.750

e) 0.835

Reference no: EM1391716

What was mitsubishis yen revenue per engine

Suppose at the time of a new engine shipment, the exchange rate was ¥150/$. What was the dollar cost to Chrysler per engine? What was Mitsubishi's yen revenue per engine?

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Fall protection during steel erection requires protection by a guardrail, net, personal fall arrest, positioning device, or fall restraint system. Choose one of these system

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FarmCo produces case of bananas. Each ease costs $7 and sells for $14. Based on their historical data, daily demand for banana was realized as 300 cases or -100 cases or 500 c

Identify some key issues in organizational socialization

Describe the process and identify some key issues in organizational socialization. Describe the socialization process used by an organization with which you are familiar. What


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