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VaryNet Inc. wants to create four separate offices across the globe. They want to be able to connect these offices over the Internet, and they want to make sure that each network is available to each other, i.e., they want the routing information of all four networks to be available at each site, so that any employee can go to any site, and work from them, and they are worried about passing traffic over the Internet. What would you offer as a network suggestion?

Being this is from scratch; no systems in place, It has to be a VPN environment. Thats the simple part. IPSec is becoming more and more accepted but it is my understanding, through my reading, that IPSec will not be practical untill IP6 is fully implemented globally. Im looking for someone to tell me if I am on track. I'm also lost on the routing between offices part. With true VPN access to basically an Intranet Environment at each office; there really shouldnt be any need for "Routing" per se unless I am missing something. I only have 2 days for this project before I head back to the field, so I just need some guidence.

Reference no: EM13945908

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