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What were your communication challenges at the start of class?

In what ways do you think you have progressed in your interpersonal communication abilities? What do you want to keep working on?

In what ways do you think you have progressed in your small group (i.e. meetings) communication abilities? What do you want to keep working on?

In what ways has your understanding of nonverbal communication improved? How aware are you of the messages you send? In what ways are you better able to decode other people's nonverbal messages?

How do you feel like your understanding of the ways that diversity affects communication (gender, ethnicity, etc.) has improved? Include specifics if you can.
What did you learn about interviewing, and what would you like to improve for future interviews?

Were your speeches well organized? Were the messages easy to follow? How could the organization have been improved?
How successful were your introductions, bodies, and conclusions? Again, be specific with examples.

How does your language, voice, and body language enhance or harm your presentations? Be as precise as you can and comment on all areas of your delivery.

In your estimation, what were the most effective aspects of your presentations?

Reference no: EM131417858

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