What type of error is associated with an adc

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Question 1: The 9S12G128 ADC is configured for 10-bit and right justified with a 5.12 V reference voltage. Indicate the contents of the ADC data register (ATDDRn) for a voltage input of 2.56 V?

Question 2: The ADC contained within the 9S12G128 can be configured for several different digital output bits. Which is not the correct configuration?

Question 3: What type of error is associated with an ADC that does not have a straight-line transfer function?

Question 4: A transducer has a device signal range of 0 V to 1.25 V. The ADC input signal range is 0 V to 5 V. Describe the signal conditioning circuit that is needed to use the full-scale range of the ADC.

Reference no: EM13771511

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